RISD Parking Permit Application
This form must be filled out completely; incomplete forms will not be processed.
What is your role at RISD? *

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What is your first name? *

What is your last name? *

What is your RISD ID Number? *

Your RISD ID number can be found below the photo on your RISD ID.
What is your home street address? *

ex: 50 Lake Road
What city do you live in? *

What state do you live in? *

What is your zip code? *

What department/division/office/etc. do you belong to at RISD? *

You can answer none if you are a trustee.
What is your RISD phone number? *

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Now we need some vehicle information from you.

What is your license plate number? *

What state is your license plate from? *

What make is your vehicle? *

i.e. Chevy, Toyota, Ford...
What model is your vehicle? *

i.e. Camry, Accord, F150
What is your vehicle's year? *

What color is your vehicle? *

Do you have a second vehicle that you want RISD to know about? *

If no, please answer no.  If yes, please enter the following information:
1) license plate number
2) state
3) vehicle make
4) vehicle model
5) vehicle year
6) vehicle color
Please read the below agreement and make your selection:

I understand that I am responsible for learning and abiding by the RISD parking rules and regulations as outlined in the RISD Parking Policies and Transportation Guidelines (copies are available through the Department of Public Safety and on info.risd.edu).  I attest that the information I have filled out is true to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that incomplete forms will not be processed.
I agree to allow the Rhode Island School of Design to deduct the appropriate amount to cover the parking fee from my paycheck. *

$0-30,000: $200/year
$30,001-50,000: $260/year
$50,001-75,000: $315/year
$75,001-100,000: $375/year
$100,001-125,000: $430/year
$125,001-150,000: $490/year
$150,001-and up: $550/year

Base Rate plus $920/year
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